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released June 12, 2015

A City Sorrow Built:
Emil Prakertia Raji
Agus Mariana
Adi Suryawan

Vocals and lyrics on Pelangimu by Ben C. Read (In Dread Response, The Mark of Man, ex-Ulcerate)

All drums recorded at Artida Studio, Denpasar, Bali
Other instruments recorded at Pranoto’s Art Gallery
Mixed and Mastered by Emil Prakertia Raji

Cover and layout by Emil Prakertia Raji
Photographs by Emil Prakertia Raji, Adi Suryawan, Ayano Fujioka, Gede Sumardika, and Tahlia Prakerti Raji


all rights reserved



A City Sorrow Built Ubud, Republic of Indonesia

if you are forced to pay, you can still download our stuff on sailboat records bandcamp.

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Track Name: Dua Puluh
Dua puluh tahun ku menunggu
Hentakan jarimu serasa begitu lama
Hatimu terurai bersama bintang-bintang
Busuk sudah
Track Name: Hati/Salju
Hatiku penuh salju
Membeku alangkah sendu
Memandang jauh kearahmu
Kian mata menumpuk rindu

Soon you'll be wading through snowy weather
Winter's breath taking you
Tread softly through the snow…
May your happiness last
Track Name: Datang/Pergi
“Close your eyes
I am right beside you
I never left”
how I wish it was true
Closed my eyes
You were a thousand miles away

Forget me not
Forever come
Time is nothing
Love is blind
And so am I

I fear my life is a living memory
My days are not of my own,
they are what you paint of me
Track Name: Hitam/Putih
Faster, time flies faster
Further, you float further away

You escaped my grasps so quickly
20 years is all you gave me
20 years is all you fucking gave me

Mirror mirror on the wall,
who’s the most fucked up one of them all

This is not just black and white
It speaks to me like a thousand colours
A thousand words written upon a brick wall
Deflection, renounced, opinions are irrelevant
Coming of age is a transient concept
Where the fuck do I go from here?
Track Name: Pelangimu
With white knuckle fear, breathless, we'll run
Beneath the last fiery breath of the sun
Through bloodied smiles we'll recall every turn
Hand in broken hand, as the world sets to burn

Deafened by the lament of a drowning earth
We pay no mind with hopeful hearts unburdened by curse

A liberation of two old souls entwined
My slowing heart is yours, and yours is mine

And as the skies fall and crush our brittle bones
With one final sigh, together we head home
Beneath your rainbow borne of shared dreams
Love eternal apocalypse, while humanity screams

We're going home
Track Name: Duka/Cita
Fading away without you
I never thought I could carry on
in searching for a way back home
That never was, that never was

I’m sorry it took me so long
It’s only fair that you chose to walk away
I’m sorry I was a damaged son
I lost you all in the wake of those awful days
They say that “love never runs on time”
But I hope you’ll be happy with your hours in the sun
I’m sorry it took me so long
Truth be told I loved you all, all along
I’m sorry it took me so long
Truth be told I miss you, I miss you all

I’m sorry it took me so long
It’s unfair that you came to fade away
I’m sorry I was a damaged son
I lost my voice in the wake of those fateful days
They say “the darkest hour is right before the dawn”
I hope you were happy surrounded by the people you adore
I’m sorry it took me so long
I hope you know I truly loved you, all along
I’m sorry it took me so long
I hope you know I miss you, I miss you so

I’m glad the fire scorched with you
The charcoal on the floors, and the smoke soon follows
The scent of burnt flesh and burnt hearts
a grey sky sets your final flight

I’m glad how the wind still blows
at the sand at my feet while the waves seem to sigh
My pounding heart as we set out to sea
I’ve never been so shaken with grief

I’m glad the water took you in
Swallowing the memories as your ashes sink
Our hearts lay in tatters, tears in our eyes
as your last song gently whispers

I’m glad I came home that day
November 25th, went by for the most of us
A year on by and I’m still so so so sorry
I’m sorry I never said that I love you, I love you so

Forever escaping
Memories in transient
Our bodies lay hostage
In the melody of love
Forever undone
Memories in eclipse
Our bodies lay broken
In the melody of loss
In the melody of hope

Step by step, I’ll find my way back to you
Then step by step I’ll lose myself in you again
Track Name: Kasih/Sayang
Kasih sayangku
terjuru ke arahmu
terus dilanda laut kasar

Kasih sayangku
terjerat derita cintamu
tersaksi hati luka-luka

Kasih sayangku
terjebak remisi menunggumu
cinta ‘kah kian kembali?

Kasih sayangku
tertangkap jaring baru
putihnya mekar hati

Kasih sayangku
terjuru ke arahmu
pernah dilanda laut kasar

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